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Arc Flash

Laura Biggerstaff

What is an arc flash and how you can protect yourself from an arc flash event

What is an Arc Flash?

An Arc Flash is a type of electrical explosion created when an electric current travels through the air between two conductors, usually from a high-voltage source to ground. It is a dangerous event that can cause severe burns, hearing loss, and even death. Its effects can be mitigated by proper safety precautions and protective clothing.

What do you need to wear to protect yourself from an arc flash?

To protect yourself from an arc flash, it i recommended to wear flame-resistant clothing, such as a long-sleeve shirt and pants, along with insulated gloves and face protection. It is also recommended to use an arc-rated hood, which is designed to protect the head and neck from the intense heat and light generated by an arc flash. Finally, it is important to wear arc-rated safety glasses to protect the eyes from the bright light.

IRON ELK offers safety apparel and personal protective equipment for men and for women to protect from an arc flash event.

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